Sometimes even we are shocked by all the ways spray polyurethane foam can be used, like sidewalk leveling! Here’s a great example: In the charming town of Winder, Georgia, residents faced a growing problem: their pavements were sinking, and a beloved old tree was contributing to the damage. While the community was determined to preserve the tree, they needed a solution to the deteriorating sidewalks. They needed spray foam. 

The problem consisted of several sunken sidewalks, particularly one heavily impacted by the roots of an old tree. Cutting down trees to fix pavement issues was not an option for the townsfolk, especially after the emotional experience of losing another tree in a similar situation. This time, they needed an innovative and less destructive solution. 

Spray foam concrete lifting, a service offered by Coastal Renew, employs high-density geotechnical foams designed to lift heavy loads and perform in soil and wet environments. As we well know, techniques for concrete jacking can resolve common issues like sunken driveways, sidewalk leveling and pool decks. 

In Winder, the spray foam team, Lift it Rite LLC, used a PMC PH-2 HP Proportioner, a ROL Air 9hp gas compressor, and a CAS 25kw gas generator. They began by drilling a 3/8-inch hole through the first concrete slab and injecting AP430 concrete lifting foam. This foam expands 24 times in 28 seconds, compacting the soil and lifting the concrete uniformly. The careful, incremental injections ensured that the foam spread correctly, avoiding the “big fat marshmallow” effect and instead providing solid support. 

The result? Level, sturdy and long-lasting sidewalks without cutting any tree roots!  

What Causes Concrete to Sink? 

Concrete sinking can result from several factors, including poorly compacted soil, rotting debris, water erosion, or animal activity. It is important to check soil density and sometimes conduct ground-penetrating radar (GPR) or penetrometer tests to understand the soil’s condition beneath the concrete. This comprehensive analysis helps ensure effective and lasting results. 

The spray foam lifting team in Winder successfully lifted six sidewalk sections, making the area safe for pedestrians while preserving the cherished old tree. The project was completed efficiently, with the foam curing to 90% within 15 minutes and fully curing in four hours.  

Save Your Sidewalks & Preserve Old Growth with Coastal Renew 

At Coastal Renew, we use spray foam concrete lifting to address a variety of issues, from cracked residential driveways to sinking municipal sidewalks. We enjoy taking a forward-thinking approach to infrastructure maintenance, finding practical solutions to communities facing similar challenges. 

Coastal Renew is located at 5859 W Saginaw Hwy #236, Lansing, MI 48917, and we take calls every day of the week. Call us at (866) 302-7676 to find out how we can help! 


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