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Coastal Renew understands the importance of effective shoreline protection. We offer soil stabilization and seawall repair for various types of retaining walls in addition to our concrete lifting, slab crack filling and foundation repair. Michigan is home to miles of retaining walls whose purpose is to protect our soil and sand from erosion. That’s why we strive to repair and strengthen those walls regardless of the materials and designs used to build them.

Steel Seawall Repair: Versatile and Reliable

Steel seawalls are a popular choice in Michigan. These retaining walls are constructed using a multi-step process, starting with shoreline excavation to create space for installation. A crucial component of steel seawalls is the “dead man” structure. This is crafted from sturdy materials like galvanized steel and steel round-stock tie-back rods to brace the seawall against erosion.

To fill the area behind the steel seawall, medium-sized #8 stone is preferred over soil due to its superior drainage properties. This stone-filled space is covered with a vented plastic sheet to prevent soil displacement. Next, the space is covered with topsoil, a straw blanket, and grass seed to restore the natural landscape seamlessly. Repair and maintenance on steel seawalls generally requires the installation of weep holes.

Outcropping: Natural Aesthetics with Durability

For those seeking a more natural look, outcropping offers an attractive alternative to steel seawalls. This type of retaining wall is constructed using layered stone, typically large flat pieces, arranged in rows to create a visually appealing shoreline. Excavation and proper grading precede the installation process, ensuring a stable foundation for the outcropping.

During assembly, irregular stone pieces are meticulously arranged like a puzzle, providing a unique aesthetic tailored to your shoreline. These stones, often weighing between 1,000 and 1,800 pounds, vary in height, shape, texture, and color, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Rip Rap: Eco-Friendly Shoreline Protection

Rip rap is a natural and eco-friendly option for shoreline protection. Composed of fractured stones broken into smaller pieces, rip rap is renowned for its effectiveness in erosion control. Installation follows a similar process to other retaining walls, with excavation, soil protection, and layering of stone.

The size of rip rap stones varies based on the application, with smaller 3” to 6” stones suitable for ponds and no-wake zones, while larger 6” to 12” stones are preferred for rivers and inland lake shorelines.

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