A long crack in a basement wall that is in need of foundation repair. Looking for "foundation repair near me?" Coastal Renew serves all of Michigan!

Learning that your foundation needs repair can be scary, but our team makes the process of assessment and damage control as painless as possible. Addressing issues promptly – even just by searching for “foundations repair near me” – is crucial to prevent further damage and ensure the longevity of your property. At Coastal Renew, Michigan, we assess the damage and complete repair work using one or more of the following proven foundation repair techniques.

Concrete Masonry Stitching (SMU Stitching) & Foundation Repair with Wall and Floor Stapling

CMU stitching, or concrete masonry unit stitching, is a technique used to repair cracks in concrete blocks. This method involves drilling holes into the cracked blocks and inserting steel rods or bars to stitch the blocks together. The rods are then grouted in place, providing structural reinforcement and preventing further cracking. CMU stitching is particularly effective for repairing vertical cracks in foundation walls and can help restore the integrity of the concrete structure. This method may also require carbon fiber stitches in addition to the steel rods.

We often repair cracks in concrete walls and floors with stapling. This method involves installing steel staples across the crack to hold the concrete together and prevent further movement. Securing repair stables with epoxy adhesive, we create a durable bond that reinforces the damaged area. Stapling allows our team to effectively stabilize and strengthen cracked concrete walls and floors, ensuring the structural integrity of your foundations.

Cracked Foundations; Repair for Cracked Walls

Cracks in foundation walls can compromise the stability of your entire structure if left unaddressed. At Coastal Renew, we use various repair methods, such as epoxy injection and hydraulic cement application, to fill and seal these cracks. Depending on the condition and material of your walls, we will either use epoxy resin or hydraulic cement for repairs. Epoxy resin is injected into the cracks to bond and strengthen the concrete, while hydraulic cement creates a watertight seal. Basement wall and foundation repair (“near me” is Coastal Renew in Michigan!) is essential to prevent structural deterioration.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Carbon fiber reinforcement is a cutting-edge technology that strengthens foundation walls without extensive excavation or structural modifications. In this procedure, we bond carbon fiber strips to the surface of cracked walls, providing reinforcement that distributes structural loads. Invisibeam reinforcement is lightweight, non-invasive, and virtually invisible once installed. It is an ideal solution for repairing certain types of foundation cracks and preventing future damage.

Mortar Repair & Waterproofing

The deterioration of mortar can weaken the joints between concrete blocks or bricks, compromising the integrity of the foundation. Mortar repair involves removing deteriorated mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar to restore strength and stability. Specialized mortar mixes designed for foundation repair ensure optimal bonding and long-lasting results. Proper mortar repair is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of your foundation and preventing further damage.

Water infiltration is a common cause of foundation problems, leading to erosion, mold growth, and structural deterioration. Waterproofing techniques, such as exterior membrane application and interior sealant installation, help protect your foundation from moisture damage. Exterior waterproofing involves applying a waterproof membrane or coating to the outside of the foundation walls, while interior sealants create a barrier against water intrusion from the inside. By effectively waterproofing your foundation, you can prevent costly water-related repairs and preserve the stability of your home.

Polyurethane Curtain Grouting

Trust Coastal Renew for “Foundations Repair Near Me”

Don’t let foundation problems and moisture issues compromise the safety and integrity of your home or business. When you need reliable foundation repair and moisture barrier solutions in Michigan, you can trust your neighbors at Coastal Renew! Give us a call today at 866-302-7676 to schedule your consultation.


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